The company was founded in Montreal in 2001 by a woman from Peru. From the beginning, the company has specialized in high quality natural products. Maca, for example, comes only from its region of origin, the Andes Mountains at an altitude of over 4150 meters. Kairos through its brand Inka Nature has become over the years the number one brand in Quebec in various products such as Desmodium or Maca.

Over the years, Inka Nature has expanded its line of high quality natural products, with an emphasis on ingredients from traditional cultures. The brand has been recognized for its constant search for sustainable and ethical sources for its ingredients, working directly with local farmers to ensure the quality of their products.

With the growing demand for quality natural products, Inka Nature has expanded its presence beyond Quebec, with stores in Ontario.

Today, Inka Nature is recognized as a leading company in the quality natural products industry and continues to grow by responding to the needs and desires of consumers who are conscious of the importance of healthy living and respect for the environment.

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