Workout at home has changed my life

Hello to you !

Today I’ll tell you a part of my story without detours & in all sincerity 🙂 First, I want to mention that I do not hold the solution to achieve well-being and feel better about ourselves. But today I’ll tell you MY solution, the one that helped me to find back my body and my confidence. The way I found to take care of myself in the long run without discouraging myself, giving up or finding myself a thousand excuses. The way that finally allowed me to feel overflowing with energy, projects & passions again!

It’s not always easy to publicly tell others about your life, but I think sharing my journey can help others find their own balance of life! 🙂 I don’t think I am the only one who has ever felt (or still feels) that way. I want to show you how I managed to find myself back & feel better!

So here it is. In sincerity & simplicity ! My solution – MY STORY 🙂

 Workout at home has changed my life 100%!

It changed my body, but it also changed a ton of other aspects in my life!

Among other things, it changed my mindset, my vision of life, my confidence and my well-being. I have met wonderful people who help me in my life balance and push me to surpass myself every day!

You know what? I’ve always hated running, pushups, sit-ups, plank and so on. Basically all the fitness in general!

I loved group classes, but I always ended up running out of time and finding excuses for not going there! I don’t think I’m  the only one that has ever been in that situation ! RIGHT ?

Finally, in August 2016, after many unsuccessful attempts to try a lot of stuff, I said YES to my health! I was tired of that situation and not feeling well at all in my own skin. I was discouraged & scared. Afraid to fail again! And I had a fear deep inside me that was telling me that I would not succeed… That I would never find a way that fits me … That my excess weight would never disappear … That I  would be stuck forever to run out of energy & feel bad about myself …

But I am so grateful to have accepted anyways this beautiful opportunity that was offered to me! I finally got the chance to succeed ONCE! After hundreds of failures, disappointments, “bad times” … I finally arrived! And my god, I’m glad I tried it!

By the way, all life we run after the ” good and perfect moment ” and this moment never comes! There is always something going to happen, emergencies, people to help, difficulties to overcome … LISTEN TO ME!

The good moment does not exist! You have to CREATE it!  

If it’s important for you you’ll take the time … If it’s not so important, you’ll find excuses! Believe me I had for a long time so many excuses (TONS excuses…TRUST ME…). Oh gosh that we don’t feel good at all to stay in our solitude, to feel bad in our own body & to feel guilty for all the past failure.

In short, today, 2 years later, I am VERY far from the ‘’old’’ Joanie and I am finally fully happy and fulfilled in life!

I will finish my text with this …

What is waiting for you to try to take your courage with both hands and give you a REAL chance to be confident and fulfilled? The worst thing that happens is that it changes your life like it changed mine.

If you recognize yourself in my story, do not wait and find your solution! One that will help you feel better 🙂 There are so many different ways to move and have a balanced life! Just start – that’s it! One day at a time & everything is possible – TRUST ME 🙂

Looking forward to help you find the well-being that you have been searching for so long over my next texts! Until then, take care of yourself & don’t forget, you deserve to feel WELL, BLOOMING, HAPPY & HEALTHY!


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