Top 3 reasons to stop obsessing with your scale

Top 3 reasons to stop obsessing with your scale

The dear scale! Do you have a love/hate relationship with your scale? If the scale shows you a good
number, you’re in a good mood, but ho boy, if it shows you a small weight gain, even if that gain is tiny,
you become frustrated, discouraged, sad, and there goes your whole day.
Too Often we let the scale dictate our mood, which dictates our emotions, and these emotions set the
tone for our whole day, and this influences our food choices for the rest of the day.
So why should you completely stop obsessing with the number on your scale?

1. The scale does not indicate your value as a person in any way

You are so much more than a number on a scale. You are a person with tons of qualities, talents,
achievements. The scale measures none of those. Value yourself by your accomplishments, your actions
your values; rather than by your appearance and a number on a scale.

2. The scale does not indicate your body composition

The number that the scale provides is a total of your muscle mass, your fat mass, your water mass, your
organs, your bones… 1 lbs of body fat takes a lot more space than 1 lbs of muscle in your body.
Therefore, two people with the same height, the same weight, can have two completely different
bodies. One person can look thin and muscular, while the other can look overweight. Yet, on the scale,
they are the same.
Also, did you know that even if you lose weight according to the scale, it’s possible that you lost muscle,
water or fat. IT’s the same if you gain weight, you might have gained water, muscle or fat. Since that’s
the case, why let the scale rule your mood and your day?
A much better way to track progress, while the scale can be one tool, but should never be the only tool,
is to take pictures. This is by far the best way to see progress, body changes. Also take your
measurements and go by how your clothes fit.

3. The scale does not indicate how healthy you are

Even if being at a healthy weight is highly recommended, weight is not the only measure of health. You
can be thin and unhealthy because of your lifestyle. You might have bad eating habits, be sedentary,
smoke, not get enough sleep, etc. Just like you can be a little overweight and be in overall better health
than the thin person, if you live a healthy lifestyle. You eat right, you exercise, you manage your stress,
you sleep well, you don’t smoke etc…
And overall health is the most precious possession you can have in life. Being healthy is what will allow
you to accomplish all that you want in life! It’s much better to have a little extra weight and a few bulges
but be healthy, rather than being super skinny with a six pack but not being healthy. If you’re sick, you
don’t enjoy life as much, but you can do all you want in life with a little extra weight and your health.

I’ll leave you with following analogy: obsessing on the number on the scale is like going for a walk in the
forest with the only purpose of seeing a squirrel. Let me explain. Let’s say you’re going in a forest for a
walk and before leaving you tell yourself that the only purpose of this walk is to see a squirrel. You leave,
you walk and your focus, your eyes are only looking out for squirrels. You don’t find one. You finish your
walk feeling disappointed and frustrated and you tell yourself that your walk was all for nothing, it was
useless. The purpose was to see a squirrel, you didn’t see one, so you should have stayed home.
However, while you were walking, you never noticed the hare, or the beautiful birds, or the deer,
because you were obsessed on the squirrel. It’s the same thing with your scale. If you only focus on that
number, you fail to see all your other victories. You won’t notice your clothes fit better, you have more
energy, you sleep better, you don’t get sick as often, your blood pressure decreased, your skin looks

So, broaden your focus, your perceptions and see the impact all your lifestyle changes are having on
your overall health rather than only on a number on a scale, which in the end is very insignificant.

Isabelle Gagné Mango Coach

Isabelle Gagné has completed two bachelor’s degrees, the first in Biochemistry and the second in Chemical Engineering. She also has a Master’s degree in Biochemical Engineering.
She has been a health mentor and a health speaker for several years.
Passionate about health, her mission is to help people achieve their fitness, weight loss and health goals to live a long and fulfilling life.

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