How to avoid the winter blues

Winter is here and the snow is everywhere and of course, it is cold. If the sun makes the snow shine, the night sky upsets the moods. Don’t let it get to you! Here’s a two-part plan of attack to keep you smiling during the cold season.

Get moving, get moving and get moving

Combine the benefits of natural light with physical activity. Sunlight helps block the production of melatonin, the famous sleep hormone, and plays a key role in regulating your internal clock by keeping you alert. So get into good habits:

– Take a short walk in the morning or at lunchtime when the sun is shining brightly.

– Take advantage of the bright daylight to clear the snow from the car or yard.

– Park the car a few blocks from your destination and soak up the rays.

– Wrapped up in a coat, have coffee on the balcony while watching the flakes.

– Use the windows. Practice some exercises while looking outside and rearrange your office if necessary.

– Ask a professional about light therapy. A few minutes of exposure to white light, even artificial light, can be enough to revive the senses.

Choosing the right foods

Winter lends itself to vitamin D deficiency and a less varied diet. Get around this by opting for tasty foods that boost your spirits and strengthen your health capital.

Fatty fish: rich in omega-3, salmon, mackerel and sardines also contain vitamin D. Go fishing for recipes.

Camucamu: it is the richest plant in vitamin C, it is natural and it does good to your body, you can take it in powder or in capsules.

Dark Chocolate: This polyphenol and magnesium rich treat is closely followed by the banana on the benefits scale. Get out the fondue pot!

Green vegetables: Get your energy boost by preparing winter salads with walnuts, which are prized for their preventive properties.

Maca: Maca is an adaptogen plant and therefore it balances the body and provides it with the minerals it needs.

Green Tea: Warm up the cold days with this antioxidant-rich drink known to improve mental health.

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